Our company environment policy tries to keep the studio as carbon neutral as possible.

Our carbon emissions, including foreign travel for all projects, are calculated and the correct sums are invested in carbon absorbing programs, using government approved companies. Currently we split our investments between two organisations which invest in protecting and increasing forest land in the UK and aboard.

We are trying to reduce our number of flights abroad by using our video conferencing facilities as an alternative when possible.

In addition, the power to keep the studio running is sourced from green energy providers.

The recent IPCC 8/10/18 Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C, highlights this increase of temperature as the single biggest threat to the worlds coral reefs. So in addition to our yearly carbon off-setting, we have also started our donations to two coral reef protection charities. These are only a couple of the changes we are working on to become a more environmentally friendly studio.

Vickers Studio is a member of the International SeaKeepers Society which promotes conservation, research, and education to help protect the world’s oceans.